Think big, pay over time

Don’t let the cost of professional branding design and website design stop you from achieving a more polished presence. Talk to us. We can help structure a payment plan through one of our flexible payment options.

What Happens After Your Website Is Paid For

When your website design and development is complete and your balance paid, you receive ownership of the web design files and data. There is no long-term contract keeping you beholden to us.

However most often, our clients choose us to support their web maintenance needs after site launch. Our knowledge of your site’s design, how it rolls up to your current and future marketing strategy, and our superior customer service are just a few reasons our customers stay with us year after year.

We do provide a website and hosting package for WordPress sites. You can host these sites with us at The Kreative Minds and we can handle the minor updates such as text or price updating that you as our client may need. Contact us today to learn more.